Perfect Place In London For Family Trips

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Millions of tourists come to London every year. It seems like London has become an ideal destination for families to unwind and spend time with their loved ones. Of course, we all want the best for our family so we search for the perfect place for recreation to create the best memories with children but honestly, searching has never been easy so, with this article, we will help you discover first-rate and excellent tourist spots in London. 

Theme Parks In London 

Theme parks are famous destinations not just for children but also for teenagers and adults. The sheer concept of theme parks excites people of all ages. Currently, there are eight theme parks in London. However, we can only recommend the most suitable for your family, that is London Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor

Why go to Legoland Windsor? 

This theme park in London is the largest among all parks around the world, more than any Legoland park in various countries. Legoland in London was once awarded by Group Leisure magazine as the UK’s number one family attraction. In 2019, 2.43 million people visited Legoland Windsor. 

Isn’t it exciting to have your kids enjoy more than 55 interactive rides, building workshops, and visit 12 Lego-themed areas? While also having fun in leisure facilities like a swimming pool and indoor water play area or dine in restaurants inside that sets a high standard for their food quality or just chill out, rest, and be treated like royals in their Castle Hotel and Legoland Hotel? Mind you this is not your typical theme park because they have a lot more to offer.

What to see and experience in Legoland? 

vWhat to see and experience in Legoland

What makes Legoland unique and simply the best is they are suitable for families with young children, which offers a variety of attractions and activities. The Legoland Windsor is divided into 12 parks with various themes namely, The Beginning, Duplo Valley, Knight’s Kingdom, Lego City, Miniland, Lego Ninjago World, Pirate Shores, Heartlake City, Kingdom of Pharaohs, Land of Vikings, Imagination Centre, and Lego: World of Mythical Creatures. 

They are notable for having the best resort with a picture-perfect view. Also, you can see the largest lego store in the United Kingdom there and shop for your favorite lego products in The Big Shop. You might crave some food and beverages while strolling around the resort, you can visit their food outlets that sell mouth-watering delicacies. If you worry about exploring this huge park, the Hill Train is there for you to enjoy the other sides of the park without having your feet sore. 

Rides and Attractions 

There are currently 3 roller coasters and 6 water rides in Legoland. The majority of their rides are designed for families and honestly, adults can enjoy as much as their children. Fifty-five rides and attractions are too many to mention in this single article- that is why you should consider visiting it to see it all yourself. However, we will give you some of their worthy activities that you should never miss. 

(1) Discovery Zone featuring Mindstorms- Guests can construct Lego models and program robots in various educational programs.

(2) Balloon Schools- A ride containing six balloon gondolas with four guests each. 

(3) Fairy Tale Brook- A gentle boat ride where guests pass through Lego depictions of fairytale scenes 

(4) Flight of the Sky Lion- UK’s first Flying theater. 

(5) Lego City Deep Sea Adventure- An underwater submarine ride that takes riders on a journey through an aquarium. 



Awesome awaits at Legoland Windsor located at Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire England. For sure, there will be no dull moments with your family if you visit this theme park. Spending time with your loved ones would be extra special. These moments will take forever and will never fade. If you want to explore more and discover all that London can offer, you may visit Londoni. לגולנד לונדון